Microsoft unveiled its latest laptop last week—the Surface Laptop—with a sleek new design and premium touches that make it really stand out. Probably those most eye catching feature was the new Alcantara fabric finish on the deck of the laptop. If you’re thinking of picking one up, you better be willing to take care of said Alcantara fabric like it’s a “luxury” item akin to expensive handbags and sports cars according to Microsoft.

The Verge talked to Microsoft general manager of Surface Engineering Pete Kyriacou, and he revealed that process Microsoft went through how owners should take care of it. Microsoft went though the process of ensuring the fabric feel “luxurious” but still being durable. But if you want to own one, you better be prepared for some off-hand maintenance to upkeep the luxurious fabric. You can read Kyriacou’s comments down below.

Just like anything luxury that you buy, like great handbags or a pair of shoes or even expensive cars, there is a care that’s needed for the device. And so from the materials perspective, we will ask customers — specifically customers who might stain it or drop something on it — to go ahead and wipe that right away. There’s a simple way of doing that with a microfiber with a soap and water solution on it. You don’t need any special chemical and you can wipe it off. Then just care [for it in the same way] that would go into anything that luxurious.

If you want luxury, you better be willing to take care of it

The maintenance for the Surface Laptop is not all that surprising. Fabric material isn’t usually incorporated into laptop designs because it’s not as durable. There’s a higher risk of strain or wearing out throughout the life cycle of a computer, which might range between three to five years. Judging from Kyriacou’s comments, the maintenance isn’t all that complicated.

It should be mentioned the Surface Pro 4 cover uses similar material, and it has held up fine with only some reports of strain.

If you end up picking up a Surface Laptop, just be careful with random spills. If do you do spill something on the Alcantara fabric, wipe it off as quickly as possible—or stains will set in. Stains aren’t luxurious.