In case you were worried (and you consider yourself a "core gamer"), don't be; Star Wars Kinect was not made with you in mind. Sure, it might be a property that you're instantly drawn towards simply based on its storied history, but, understand, this game wasn't developed for core gamers.

That's the story one Microsoft rep put forward when asked by MCV. Senior Product Manager Glenn Gregory explained that core fans got their game late last year.

"This is a game for anybody that is a Star Wars fan…It's not The Old Republic, it's not a game for core gamers that want to experience that kind of thing. It's a great experience for people who love Star Wars like myself and want to share it with their families."

Unfortunately for Gregory, the perception from the Star Wars fanbase is that this game is, right or wrong, an assault on their favorite property. The video above shows a bit of what's to come when the title releases for the Xbox 360 tomorrow: there's a dance mode built into the package, and it comes complete with Star Wars themed lyrics.

This is where we turn to the herd for their opinion. When it comes to properties like Star Wars, is it okay to make products that stand in stark contrast with the majority of the fanbase? Or, is it all part and parcel to having a massive brand? Should Microsoft care about the haters or go on enjoying the sales this will surely rake in?

[via CVG]

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