MobileToday is reporting that Microsoft has donated some £28 million, or roughly $44 million USD, to Windows Phone partners Nokia and Samsung to bolster their seasonal ad campaigns in the United Kingdom. The publication's sources also said that the lion's share of the funding – roughly three-fourths of it – will go to Nokia, who's more or less bet their near-term future on a Mango-flavored resurgence:

A source said: 'Microsoft is funding a massive campaign with Nokia across every single media you can imagine. It's the last roll of the dice for them. They must go big, bad and boldly. Microsoft is desperate to kick the hell out of Android. If they can get across how amazing Mango is they could really crack it this time.'

Nokia is set to launch their first Windows Phone devices at Nokia World in London later this month, while Samsung is readying a small fleet of new WP phones for the holidays, as well. Samsung's Omnia W is said to be the focus of a massive holiday ad campaign fueled at least in part by their share of the Microsoft funding.

Multiple sources have also corroborated to us that Nokia's devices, in particular, will feature strong emphasis on "social integration." Thought this jibes with MobileToday's report, details as to exactly what that means – and if and how it goes beyond the standard WP Mango features – remain scant at this point.

Source: MobileToday, Via: Engadget