Oddworld Abe

Lorne Lanning, Oddworld Inhabitants Co-Founder and current head, spoke with VG247 about how Microsoft presented their stance on indie games. Oddworld Inhabitants is the studio behind the Oddworld franchise, and Lanning has a lot to say on this issue.

From where Lanning stands, Microsoft is ignoring indies with the Xbox One.

"At the business level, Microsoft isn't acknowledging people like us…It's as if we don't matter."

While Nintendo and Sony especially have been courting indie developers as of late, Microsoft appears to only be interested in mega hits and games with enormous developing budgets. The smallest indie title Microsoft brought out on stage during last month's E3 presentation was Minecraft, arguably one of the most popular games in the world.

Sony, on the other hand, gave stage time to wonderful games like Octodad: Dadliest CatchDon't StarveOutlastSecret Ponchos and Ray's The Dead. In the middle of a show dedicated to landing the biggest exclusives and names, Sony felt it was important to carve out a strong position with indie games, indie developers and indie fans.

Microsoft? Not so much.

Lanning's proposed solution? People should lose their jobs.

"It's a bit puzzling. It's clear they're not listening. I'm not sure who they're listening to. Whoever their PR people are, whoever their marketing agents are, they should fire them all. That's where they should start. There should be a big, mass firing and they should publicise that. Then they'd get people saying, 'Hey, maybe there's going to be a good change.'"

Head over the VG247 to read the full interview with Lorne Lanning. It's a good one.

What do you think about the notion that Microsoft should host a culling of the personalities responsible for the decisions as of late? Too much? Not enough? Just right? Sound off below.