For years now, Microsoft has asked journalists attending E3 to wake up bright and early on Monday morning before E3 starts to attend their press conference, where they reveal what they have planned for the next year. Now they’re going even earlier.

Instead of holding the conference on Monday, June 12 like they normally would, the console maker is asking us to pop in on Sunday afternoon to see what Microsoft has in store. They haven’t provided much hint about just what they’ll be talking about, but their invitation confirms once again that the new Xbox, whatever it’s called, will be a big part of the presentation:

Advantage: Sony?

In the past, Monday mornings have given Microsoft the chance to be first out of the gate, but they’ve allowed Sony some brutal counterattacks. Case in point is the two big console reveals in 2013. Microsoft trotted out the Xbox One which, at that point, was designed as a monstrous TV media streaming computer box, and asked $500 for it from a confused audience.

Sony scrapped the inclusion of the camera with the PlayStation 4 and dropped the price to $400. They put the show’s focus squarely on games. They even took a few minutes to film one of the sickest burns in console competition since Sega came up with “Sega does what Nintendon’t.”

Going even earlier like this has the potential to give Sony a whole night to replan a presentation.

But if you’re a consumer, it also gives you a chance to watch a show you’ve likely missed thanks to work or school, for years now. That, likely, is Microsoft’s focus. They want to get more gamer eyes on their show as it happens so that we can all be there as Scorpio drops into view for the first time.

Either way, we’re stoked to see what the company has on offer in just under four months.