The Summer of Arcade has become a yearly tradition as far as Microsoft and the Xbox LIVE platform are concerned. Every year we've seen a collection of several games drop one week at a time to rounds of both critical and commercial success, by and large. This year is shaping up to be a repeat with at least four of the five titles looking fantastic and open to all.

Game Informer has the details for each game, including price, release date and developer:

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive
Developer: Supergiant Games
Release Date: July 20 Price: 1200 Microsoft Points

From Dust
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier
Release Date: July 27 Price: 1200 Microsoft Points

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Fuelcell
Release Date: August 3 Price: 1200 Microsoft Points

Fruit Ninja Kinect
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Halfbrick
Release Date: August 10 Price: 800 Microsoft Points

Toy Soldiers: Cold War
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Signal Studios
Release Date: August 17 Price: 1200 Microsoft Points

As a gamer and fan of the assets so far, I'd say From Dust is one title within the list worth highlighting. This property from Ubisoft is all about manipulating the earth in order to push a young, budding tribe towards enlightenment and the bettering of their people. Everything from the environment down to the actual gameplay looks exceptionally rich and well thought out. Here's hoping the execution matches the initial creative flare.

The one title in the bunch that may stand as a disservice to gamers is Fruit Ninja Kinect. It's fine that a Kinect only property is earning the spotlight in the Summer of Arcade this year, but it absolutely stinks that it will keep some gamers from scoring the free bonus game. Microsoft is making it so that those who buy all five games before a certain date will get a sixth title, Crimson Alliance, for free. If you don't have a Kinect, you're missing out.

What's piquing your interest?

[via Game Informer]