Microsoft is reportedly set to acquire N-trig, the Israeli company behind the high-tech stylus included with the Surface Pro 3. Calcalist reports that the deal could be worth as much as $200 million.

It’s unclear exactly why Microsoft, which already owns 6.1 percent of N-trig, would acquire the company, though the Israeli firm reportedly had trouble turning a profit despite some recent success. The stylus-maker previously told ZDNet it had held meetings with Apple as well, so it’s possible Microsoft is simply securing its own access to the technology.

By switching from Wacom to N-trig for the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft was able to remove a layer of sensors from the device for a lighter and thinner design. The stylus also features a physical button used to launch OneNote, and we may see even more integration between the Surface Pen and Windows software once this deal is finalized.

The Surface Pen included in Microsoft’s recent tablet is one of the best we’ve ever used, offering an experience that felt impressively close to using an actual pen and paper. We can’t wait to see how the two companies improve the technology now that they’re said to be working so closely together.