Microsoft Windows 10 for Phone-2

Microsoft is said to be developing new ROMs that will allow Xiaomi Mi 5 adopters and those with a new OnePlus smartphone to swap Android for Windows 10 Mobile. The firmware would allow potential consumers to try out Microsoft's latest platform without buying a new device.

Microsoft did a similar thing last year when it released a Windows 10 Mobile ROM for the Xiaomi Mi 4. Clearly, that experiment went well, so the company is looking to do the same for the new Xiaomi Mi 5 announced this week, the OnePlus 2, and the upcoming OnePlus 3.

The news comes with a report from Nokia Power User, which claims Microsoft confirmed the move in response to fan comments on Weibo, the Chinese micro-blogging site.

The idea behind these ROMs is to open up Windows 10 Mobile to more people. Microsoft hopes that Android users will be tempted to try its new software and then grow to like it so much that they stick with it — and eventually buy Windows 10 Mobile devices.

It seems a long shot, but it could just work — especially if Microsoft keeps pushing it. I haven't been too interested in Windows 10 Mobile myself after bad experiences with Windows Phone in the past, but I'd certainly try it if I could download a ROM for my OnePlus 2 free of charge.

Would a Windows 10 Mobile ROM for your smartphone persuade you to try it out?