Windows 10 Hands-On-1

Microsoft is today rolling out its final versions of Office for Windows 10 apps ahead of the platform's big launch later this month. The apps have been in "preview" form until now, but after five months of testing, they're ready to make their public debut.

Not much has changed since the new Office apps were first made available to testers five months ago, but of course, they're much more refined now so users can depend on them when they need to get stuff done.

"They're lightweight, speedy, and very easy to use," reports Tom Warren of The Verge. "During my testing of the preview versions I noticed that the spellcheck option didn't work correctly in Word Mobile, but that has been rectified for these final versions alongside other minor changes and bug fixes."

While these are desktop applications, Microsoft has given them the mobile moniker because of their optimizations for touch-based devices like smartphones and tablets powered by Windows 10. All of the new Office apps boast OneDrive integration, so if you use multiple Windows 10 devices, you can seamlessly access and edit documents at anytime without having to transfer them manually.

Don't expect these "final" versions of Office for Windows 10 apps to be completely bug free, however. As we've already heard, Microsoft is taking a new approach to Windows 10 that will see regular updates and patches rolled out to the OS and associated apps — including Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, and PowerPoint Mobile.

Users may run into some minor problems initially, then, but the teething problems should be ironed out pretty quickly. Windows 10 will be available to all on July 29.