Expect Microsoft's Surface for Windows 8 Pro to hit on Jan. 26, according to one retail store employee. CNET said it made calls to Microsoft stores around the country and got vague "end of month" responses. But one store employee in particular felt the need to get much more specific, though at this point it's difficult to gauge how truthful his or her response was.

Microsoft did say that once the Surface RT went on sale that consumers should expect the Pro model around 90 days later. Well, Jan. 26 is right on cue, so perhaps that date will prove to be true. It'll be really interesting to see how Microsoft markets the Pro, especially since it looks identical to the RT model but packs a much more powerful operating system. Explaining the differences in capabilities will be a big ask for the Redmond company, and even more difficult will be attracting customers to the expensive price.

The Surface Pro, which runs Windows 8 Pro, will run for $899 and includes an intel Core i5 processor and 1080p HD screen.