If you own a Microsoft Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 or Surface Pro 3, listen up: Microsoft just announced a recall for power cords for the three aforementioned tablets if they were purchased in the United States or Canada before March 15, or before July 15, 2015 in all other markets.

Microsoft said the cord can overheat if it’s connected to an electrical socket while “wound too tightly, twisted or pinched over an extended period of time.” The part in question is just the small AC power cord, not the entire power supply brick. See below:


Seems that folks with the Surface Pro have probably owned the tablet for a long time by now – seemingly already running huge risks – but Microsoft has only just recently discovered the issue with this batch of power cords. Thankfully, nobody has been injured yet, though the issue was brought to Microsoft’s attention by a “small number of customers.”

The cord replacement is free, so there’s no reason to ignore the warning. Just fill out a quick form at this link and wait for the replacement.