Imagine if Microsoft had its own store for thousands of products and services online? The company was indeed considering such an e-tail outlet, something that could have competed directly with Amazon, The Wall Street Journal said on Friday. The firm codenamed the project "Brazil" and had already discussed its plans with other tech firms and retail partners. The goal was to sell goods online at a subsidized price that could be applied thanks to earnings Microsoft earns from ads on Bing.

"Project Brazil was an incubation to enable a more direct commerce model between customers and brands and merchants," a spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal, who said that Microsoft is still trying to move into e-commerce in some fashion. It already sells its own products direct from its website, and has retail outlets, but an e-commerce area of its website could have allowed it to sell other products, such as those from partners that build Windows 8 or Windows Phone machines, though it's possible it could have aimed to sell a gamut of products. Amazon, for example, is now moving into the grocery industry.

Microsoft didn't explain why it killed Project Brazil, but we imagine it found Amazon might have been a tough contender to compete against.