Microsoft made a play to appease its niche fanbase with Phantom Dust earlier this year, and it’s a gamble that has apparently paid off. According to a recent developer blog post, Code Mystics claims that Microsoft “couldn’t be happier with the level of exposure that it has received.”

How much exposure? Well, over 1 million people played the game! I’m going to bet that as a free-to-play, digital title, more people played it than the first time around when it was a physical $50 game back on the original Xbox.

According to the blog post, an update will add in-game voice chat and be adding out new abilities to loyal players. Those who login everyday will be given free skills as a prize.

Since there’s 74 skills to give out, one a day, it will take ~11 weeks to get all the skills for free. Each week focuses on a specific school, with a final week handing out the skills that were in the bonus category originally. What is given out on each specific day? Play and find out!

Phantom Dust is available now on the Xbox One.