Windows Phone Dev Center large

Microsoft has overhauled its Windows Phone Dev Center this week in an effort to make “Windows Phone app development faster and more profitable.” In addition to several new tools and features, the new Dev Center sports a brand new look, and support for PayPal payments for developers.

In addition to a fresh, new experience, you’ll find everything you need to create great apps and make them available to customers. The submission process is faster, and we’ve made it easier to manage your account and track your app’s progress.

The Dev Center has been redesigned from the ground up, with an entirely new user interface that makes it easier for developers to access the features they require. This, along with the changes Microsoft has made to its infrastructure, will improve “overall site performance and reliability,” according to the company.

The Next Web reports that in addition to these changes, Windows Phone developers will soon be able to register their apps in four times as many markets and get paid in three times as many regions as they can today. Furthermore, in some of those regions, developers will be able to receive their payments via PayPal, and they’ll see support for pubCenter accounts to create free, ad-funded apps.

The service also offers better analytics for free, paid, beta, and trial apps. And developers can now offers betas to thousands of users for testing — rather than just 100 as before.

[via The Next Web]