Not that it makes any immediate difference to you or me, but Microsoft has officially acquired Sunrise, a beautiful calendar app for iOS and Android. The deal was reportedly worth upward of $100 million, though neither Sunrise or Microsoft has revealed details. Just know that the app is in good hands, and should be spun off to work seamlessly with Microsoft’s most recent mobile app winner, Outlook, which is based off Acompli.

A calendar app is a calendar app, right? Not really. The reason Sunrise is so beloved is because of its beautiful, easy-to-read layout. Not only that, but it includes information from a lot of third-party services, including Facebook events / birthdays, Foursquare, SongKick and more. And there are some neat additions that you might not even notice, like weather information, Google Maps directions and more.

Immediately after the rumors started about Microsoft being interested in Sunrise, I downloaded the app to try it out, and I’m very glad I did. Microsoft’s Outlook has been a runaway success since it was introduced last month, and I imagine the company’s interpretation of Sunrise will be as good. With the deal now official, it’ll only be a matter of time before we see the end result.