Microsoft is bringing its full version of Office to the Windows Store, making it available to those who adopt its new Windows 10 S operating system. The suite will feature complete versions of Office apps — not streamlined or "dumbed-down" alternatives — which will function offline.

Microsoft confirmed the news during its EDU event in New York City this week, according to VentureBeat. The software giant is said to be targeting a June release, but this isn't set in stone just yet. Microsoft will undoubtedly be working to make Office available through the Windows Store as quickly as possible as new machines rollout with Windows 10 S installed.

Announced earlier this week alongside the new Surface Laptop, Windows 10 S is a new version of Windows 10 that has been designed to take advantage of low-end hardware. It's very much Microsoft's answer to Chrome OS, and it will be available on laptops starting at just $189. Those who choose to use it will be able to download apps from the Windows Store only — not third-party sources.

It's important that Microsoft makes Office available through its own marketplace, then — and being able to use these apps offline gives Windows 10 S a big advantage over Chrome OS, which requires an internet connection when you want to use apps like Google Docs and Sheets. You can expect Microsoft to remind fans of this fact within its marketing.

You will already find Office apps in the Windows Store, but these were designed with touchscreens in mind, and they've been somewhat watered-down. The complete Office suite will bring fully-fledged versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more that you would expect to find on desktops.