Microsoft on Thursday announced a new addition to its Office 365 subscription service, which is designed to give users access to various software based on the company's Office suite. Announced today, Microsoft will offer Office 365 Personal this spring, and it's aimed at individual users who want access to the service for a nominal fee. Microsoft's service previously catered to households, businesses and universities, but this latest plan is meant for a single user—one PC or Mac, and one tablet can be connected to the service. Office 365 Personal will be offered at $69.99 per year, or $6.99 per month.

Office 365 is still relatively new, but the service has already amassed over 3 million subscribers, according to Microsoft. Rather than buying a hugely expensive physical copy of Office, the cloud-based solution gives users access to the same products so long as they have an Internet connection. Office 365 offers quite a few perks, so if you're unfamiliar with what it offers, you can check out our breakdown here.

In addition to Office 365 Personal, Microsoft also said it's changing the name of Office 365 Home Premium to just Office 365 Home; the name change will go into effect once Office 365 Personal becomes available soon.