If you haven’t already updated your computer to Windows 10 and it is eligible for a free upgrade, then prepare yourself for more aggressive update notifications that no longer give you the ability to opt-out.

Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users are reporting popups that inform them their Windows 10 upgrade will be installed in one hour. Users have the option to start the process immediately or reschedule it, but there is no longer an option to opt-out of upgrading altogether, ZDNet reports.

Not even GWX Control Panel, a third-party tool that allowed Windows users to avoid the upgrade before, is able to sidestep these notifications at present, according to the app’s creator, Josh Mayfield.

“If you are seeing either of the above two screens, exactly as they appear here, GWX Control Panel is not yet able to help you,” writes Mayfield, “although I am looking into whether it’s possible to fix these things through software. I do not have any recommendations at the moment, though, unfortunately.”

It was discovered in September that Microsoft was pushing Windows 10 updates, weighing as much as 6GB, to computers even though some users hadn’t requested the upgrade. With the new notifications as well, it seems the company is literally desperate to get as many people to upgrade as possible.

Pressuring users into doing so isn’t exactly the best way to go about it, though.