Xbox One Launch image

Microsoft has opened up on its fourth quarter 2014 performance, one which had a lot of people excited to see how the Xbox One would close out its first financial year. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but Microsoft isn't revealing anything too specific.

It moved 11.7 million Xbox consoles in 2014, and 1.1 million of those came from the last quarter. However, that figure includes both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, including figures for the Xbox 360 before its successor was even released. The quarter results are only 100,000 up year-over-year from last year, a disappointingly moderate number considering it has a new console on the market.

Overall, Microsoft's Computing and Gaming Hardware Division, which is responsible for Xbox and Surface, reports $1.4 billion in revenue and $9.6 billion for the year, a leap from $6.4 billion.

Xbox specifically grew with a revenue of $104 million over last year, reportedly due to the increased price of the Xbox One console. No information was provided about its first-party games or from Xbox Live.  Instead, it stated that this quarter was used to "draw down channel inventory."

So, if you want to crunch those numbers and compare them to last year, by all means, go ahead. You might get a decent estimation of the Xbox One's performance during its first year. The PlayStation 4 is currently outselling it on all fronts, and maybe Microsoft doesn't want to shine a light on that.