The Kin 1 is going to sell for $49.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate and two year contract, and you can pick up the Kin 2 for $99.99 under the same conditions.  While these sound like enticing prices, when was the last time anyone actually remembered to send in their mail-in rebate form?  I’m sure a few people have, but realistically, how many people actually do that?  So the actual price of the phones will be $149.99 and $199.99 respectively.

kin 1 and kin 2Then comes the monthly fees. Those two year contracts that help you get those lower prices on the handset are going to run you a minimum of $60 a month.  Seeing as the phones are built totally around social networking, and reportedly will not be adding third-party application support, why exactly are you buying these over any other phone out on the market?

You can pick up an iPhone 3G for $99 from AT&T, Android phones comes in all shapes, sizes and prices now, and the thing is, they all do social networking as well as many other things.  So what are Microsoft and Verizon thinking with these?  It’s like they’ve priced them out of the market before they even got them out of the shipping containers.  Why are you going to pay this much for an underpowered phone that doesn’t do as much as others in the same price range?

As sadly seems to be the norm with Microsoft, they’ve missed the boat on why other devices in a category are successful, and instead decided to operate like they are the only company in the space.  No matter how nice these phones may be to use, and there have been some decent reviews, pricing is one of the biggest concerns on consumer’s minds these days, and it seems that the company has totally missed the boat on these particular devices.

What say you?  Did Microsoft mess up with the pricing on these?