Microsoft has made the decision to work with the iPad rather than see it as pure competition. This is why it upped its Office suite support for the Apple tablet, and now, it seems it is also working on an external peripheral too.

WinFuture first noticed Microsoft listed an "iPad Touch Cover (Model 1719)" in a page containing documentation for lithium batteries. Other devices on the list were confirmed Microsoft products like the HoloLens, Bands and various Surface computers.

This could mean two things: Microsoft is planning to release this iPad Touch Cover, or it was working on one, but decided not to release it. The only things we do know for sure is that it contains a battery, hinting that it will feature Bluetooth and that it will be similar to the covers we've seen from the Surface Pro.

Microsoft already names its Surface keyboard accessory the Surface Touch Cover. This falls right in line with the iPad Touch Cover found in the documentation.

At this point, all we can do is speculate as to whether we still see this peripheral. But given Microsoft has seemingly realized there's profit to be had from the iPad, we just might at some point.