MyAchievement awards

You just knew that someday all those Xbox LIVE achievement points you’ve been sitting on would be for more than just bragging rights. Microsoft is finally going to be repaying your for all your hard work with a rewards program based on how many points you’ve earned.

The rewards program will classify you as Contender, Champion or Legend, and from there you can determine your prizes. Contenders, new comers with 3,000 Gamerscore, will get a present during their birthday month. More seasoned veterans will be labeled as Champions, which not only lands you the birthday present but also a 1 percent discount on every purchase you make through Xbox Live.

And finally, there is the Legend status, which I’m sure many gamers have already reached. Those with over 25,000 Gamerscore will get the birthday present and a whopping 2 percent off of all purchases.

It’s not much to really write home about, but it is a free discount after all, and I don’t even have to do anything to prepare or wait a long time for my present. My Gamerscore reached the Legend requirements years ago, and my birthday is in October, so I won’t have to wait an entire year to get my present either.

Anybody else already Legends out there and are excited to save 16 MS points on every 800 MS purchase? I wonder how long it will take for those added points to pile up into something worthwhile?