Smoked by Windows Phone

Microsoft reportedly knows owners of specific Android and iOS devices may not always be smoked by its Windows Phone OS, so it has created tests that help it win. According to The Verge, Microsoft — which is betting a $1,000 laptop that Windows Phone will “smoke” your phone — was able to create several scenarios in which a Windows Phone would lose a speed test to an Android or iPhone user.

The Verge said Microsoft store employees were given scenarios in which they could be relatively sure of beating a competitor, specifically based on what phone that user was carrying. There were a few specific phones that Microsoft warned store employees to avoid competing against. Here’s one example:

You should also steer clear of this challenge against an HTC Status (i.e. the Facebook Phone) as it also has a built in pocket-to-picture-to-post feature and a camera that switches on even faster than Windows Phone.

Microsoft also said competitors might be able to beat a Windows Phone to posting to multiple social networks if the user was savvy with social networks and knew that using the #fb hastag would allow him or her to post to Twitter and Facebook at the same time. Reportedly, in the event of a tie after this test, Microsoft employees were directed to ask their competitors to post a profile picture to both networks at the same time.

There are other scenarios detailed by The Verge, too, in which employees were warned that an iPhone 4S might be able to take a picture and send it up to a social network just as fast as a Windows Phone. While it’s certainly a fast and intuitive mobile operating system, Windows Phone won’t always win if a user has a phone specifically designed to perform a specific task, or if he or she knows a few tricks a Microsoft salesperson might not know.

The news is timely: A report surfaced this morning in which a Galaxy Nexus owner handily beat a Windows Phone device in a test of who could bring up the current weather in two cities the fastest. Even though the Galaxy Nexus owner felt that he won the competition, a Microsoft employee said he lost “just because.” Microsoft ended up apologizing for the mishap and offered a $1,000 laptop and a new Windows Phone.

[via The Verge]