Microsoft 350 trade back

Microsoft kicked off a trade-in program last week for iPad users wanting to switch to Surface, but now it looks like the program is getting a bit bigger.

Anyone looking to trade-in a product with Microsoft, but was feeling left out when it was limited to iPads, now has a reason to rejoice. The new trade-in program not only offers up to $350 now, but it will also take in a mixture of other devices including those manufactured by Samsung and BlackBerry. The new system is backed up by Clover Wireless that offers a private label trade-in program. You’ll select what you want to trade-in, purchase either a Windows Phone or tablet, and then send in your device. In return you’ll receive a prepaid Visa debit card.

You can check out the program’s FAQ for all of the details, but if you’ve been thinking about jumping to a Windows device, now may be the time to do so.