Microsoft had the first press conference of E3 this morning, and they didn't hold back on announcing a slew of new games, most of which will have Kinect capabilities, and some new features for the Xbox Live service.

Things kicked into high gear with Modern Warfare 3, probably one of the most anticipated games of the year since no one was even sure it was happening until a video leaked the other day.  Even though it isn't exclusive to the Xbox, it was a heck of a way to kick off the show, and, as with the past few games, the Microsoft console will get downloadable content first.

This was followed up by the new Tomb Raider game that will take Lara Croft back to her very first adventure when she was 21-years-old.  Obviously we know she'll live, but it looks like she'll be a bit worse for the wear.

Tomb Raider Lara Croft

EA Sports will be big on the Xbox this year with FIFA 12 and Madden 12, games that you can almost set your watch by.  And if you like your sports extreme, than playing UFC Xbox Live should be right up your alley.  And for fans of racing, you'll eat up Forza Motorsport 4.

Mass Effect 3 is getting Kinect controller integration, and EA is hoping this will lead to the most immersive entry in the popular series so far.  No you won't be using your body to control it, but it will definitely be another layer of fun for the player.

Mass Effect 3 Kinect integration

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is also going for Kinect integration, but it is allowing you to control a lot more.  We'll have to wait for a final demo as what was shown was mostly pre-rendered, but it looks like a shooting game is definitely on the way.

The new Xbox Live is looking to take over more of your life and eat up even more of your bandwidth as it brings live TV, Bing search and even YouTube to the party.  It looks like Microsoft really does want to control your living room.

Ryse will have you using your Kinect as you play around in ancient Rome.  Only a trailer was shown, so we'll need to see more before we decide how cool this is.

Fable: The Journey will let you control magic spells via the Kinect, but it may have come off as a little bit of gimmickry.

The Kinect then got a whole tone of love as it was announced Minecraft is coming to the Xbox exclusively for console play, and, yes, you can use the Kinect with it.  The kids will love Disneyland Kinect where you can wander around the theme park any time you want and go on adventures inside the rides, and Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster where they can interact with their favorite characters.  And, of course, Dance Central 2 is on the way, but that was a given due to the popularity of the original.  Kinect Star Wars has the potential to be the coolest Star Wars game ever if done correctly.

4 out of 5

And, yes, it's true, for the anniversary of Halo: Combat Evolved, the game is getting an HD make over, but does anyone care when a new trilogy is launching with Halo 4 around Holidays 2012?

Halo 4

Microsoft has a heck of a lineup, and it looks like the Kinect is definitely a big part of the company's plans.