We posted a feature today that examined the unlikely nature of the next generation of consoles starting any time soon. As we explained there, the console manufacturers, particularly Sony and Microsoft, are executing what appears to be a new 10 year lifespan policy. The Xbox 360 launched in 2005 with tech and updating software that would keep it relevant until at least 2015. Was all of that 100% official? No, but that's the conjecture.

Microsoft posted two job listings at the tail end of last week that indicate the company is building up talent to continue the build and design of their next big entertainment entry. Each posting is for a position within the XBOX Console Architecture group.

The Xbox Console Architecture team is hiring for a Graphics hardware architect position.

The team is responsible for defining and delivering next generation console architectures from conception through implementation.

The responsibilities include architecture analysis, key technology selection, architecture specification, communication and collaboration with extended Microsoft teams and partner companies. The ideal candidate should have a broad background in 3D graphics rendering architectures and algorithms (ideally with gaming applications in mind), 3D software pipelines, and physics. The candidate should also have a solid understanding of graphics hardware implementation, including design methodologies and production yield and cost analysis. The successful candidate is expected to have a working knowledge of how state-of-the-art PC and/or console OS, driver and application code is designed and how it interacts with graphics HW/firmware. The ideal candidate will have been the lead architect and/or implementation lead of a 3D graphics core. The candidate must have taken designs from investigation to end-customer shipment during their career.

Senior Architect and Performance Engineer in XBOX Console Architecture Group.

Our group is involved in product definition from early evaluation all the way through high volume manufacturing. The main focus of this position is on performance evaluation and modeling. However, involvement in all aspects of product development regularly occurs. We are looking for someone who is flexible, and wants to be involved with various stages of the product life cycle. During different stages of the product life cycle responsibilities will vary.

Readers should never, ever consider job descriptions as confirmation of the next big thing from a company. This does, however, demonstrate that Microsoft is definitely working on the next Xbox. However, one would assume that they've been designing the next piece of tech practically since they pushed the 360 out the front door.

Now, readers, do us a favor and get the jobs listed above. Then, drop us a note with all of the goods concerning Microsoft's Xbox 720 (clearly, that's the name… probably not).

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