Windows Phone Refresh featured

A member's of Microsoft's Windows Phone team in Italy has reportedly confirmed to an Italian blog that the company's upcoming Windows Phone 7.5 update will be called "Refresh," rather than Tango as previous reports have suggested.

Stefania Duico, Microsoft's Windows Phone Business Group Lead in Italy, confirmed the name during an interview with Windows Phone Italy.

Windows Phone 7.5 will be the first version of Microsoft's mobile operating system that will run on budget devices with just 256MB of RAM. To achieve this, the software strips away with a number of features so that it isn't so demanding on your precious memory.

Personally, I prefer the Tango name. It certainly sounds more appropriate for what is set to be a minor update to the existing Mango release, whereas Refresh gives the impression that it's a more significant update that overhauls Windows Phone.

Which name do you prefer?

[via TechRadar]