One of the early tragedies of this console generation has been the cancellation of the Phantom Dust reboot. The cult-classic Xbox game looked like it was getting a real-deal overhaul from Microsoft and development studio Darkside, but some questionable budgetary decisions sidelined the game a year after it was first revealed at E3 2014.

Hope still remains for some fans, who decided to press Xbox boss Phil Spencer for confirmation that the game would be at gamescom 2015. In response, Spencer stated on his Twitter account that the game wouldn't be appearing, but Microsoft hasn't exactly given up on the title yet either.

If Microsoft has cut ties with Darkside, then there is always the hope that the project could be handed off to someone else. I don't expect to see Phantom Dust in the near future, if we ever see it again at all, but if Microsoft is still committed to the project, that might be the string of hope fans need to dangle from.

Don't get your hopes up, but don't lose faith either. This could still be happening. It's just a shame we can't play the original beyond the Xbox or Xbox 360. I don't think Microsoft is expanding backwards compatibility to the original Xbox. If any Xbox original needed a Steam port, it would be Panzer Dragon Orta.

After that though… totally Phantom Dust.