Microsoft Garage, the section inside of Microsoft that attempts to build “wild ideas” into real products, and has released apps such as Tossup and Bing for Android Wear, published a new app for the iPhone on Thursday. It’s called “Invite” and Microsoft bills it as the “easiest way to organize meetings on the go.”

The goal of Invite is to create a meeting at a time that works for the most people, including yourself. So, you’ll start with a list of suggested times that you can email to anyone in your address book, though Microsoft says it works best with Office 365 subscribers. Each person on the list will receive an “Invite” notification if they have the app installed, and can then pick the best time that works. At the end, the original meeting organizer will choose the most popular time that works for all, and send out an official calendar invitation.

“Invite is designed to overcome the biggest obstacle when scheduling meetings—not being able to see the calendars of attendees outside your organization,” Microsoft said. “As a result, your proposed meeting can be repeatedly declined until you find a time that works. Invite simplifies this by letting organizers suggest multiple times that work for them and attendees can pick from those suggestions. Invite also shows everyone what times other people have said are good for them.”

Sounds like it will take a lot of the back-and-forth out of trying to organize meetings. Microsoft said it will hit Windows Phone and Android “soon,” but it’s currently limited to iPhone users in the U.S. and Canada.