Microsoft has made a $15 million investment in Foursquare, the company revealed on Tuesday, and will add the popular check-in service's data to Bing searches as part of a wider commercial deal. According to Re/code, the licensing deal will see deeper integration of Foursquare data into Microsoft's ecosystem—not just in Bing—including Windows Phone apps and services. Users of Microsoft services will apparently begin to see Foursquare's presence "very soon."

Neither company has revealed exactly what users can expect outside of Foursquare listings appearing in search results. Foursquare currently gives users the ability to share and save places they've visited, while the service provides personal location-based recommendations and deals in return. For people on vacation, the tool could be invaluable for finding good local spots to eat at and visit.

As noted by Re/code, Microsoft's investment in Foursquare could be a huge boon for the check-in company, helping to realize CEO Dennis Crowley's vision for the data Foursquare has accumulated. What's especially notable is the licensing deal is actually non-exclusive, which means Foursquare is free to approach other mobile giants about similar deals. Maybe more Foursquare inside of iOS?

The company currently has a community of over 45 million people, though it's unclear how many of those are active users. With a big new investment and potential for larger market presence, Foursquare's numbers could rise in a big way. But that's assuming people want to busy themselves with constantly sharing and saving where they've been.