Last year, when Microsoft unveiled the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, it also announced a clever update to its Surface Pen. The stylus could magnetically attach to the side of the device for easy storage. Now it looks like the company could have another great Surface Pen feature in the works.

A new patent spotted by Patently Mobile reveals how Microsoft might upgrade its Surface Pen later this year. Submitted back in 2014 and approved earlier this month, the filing reveals potential plans for a rechargeable stylus that draws power whenever it’s docked to the device.

That’s a pretty big change from the current Surface Pen, which requires a AAAA battery that lasts up to a year before it needs to be swapped out. This new stylus battery would always have access to power, since recharging would be as simple as clicking it into a magnetic dock. It could also allow Microsoft to add even more features to the stylus without worrying about power consumption.

Microsoft might even include this upgraded Surface Pen with the Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2, which are both expected to arrive in late 2016. This is just a patent for now, though, and it’s possible the company will stick with its AAAA battery-powered solution for another year.