At the beginning of this year, Microsoft introduced a number of its big Office services for Android, though they were only available on tablets. Today, however, Android smartphone users can get in on the action, with a new update that makes Word, Excel and PowerPoint available in beta.

You have to be part of the Microsoft Office for Android community in order to participate in the Preview program. If you are part of the illustrious club, you'll get an experience largely in line with what you'd find on an Android tablet. Everything has been designed with a touch experience in mind—things like navigation menus and other options are placed toward the bottom of the screen, right within reach of your thumbs.

Because the apps are in preview, they're not 100-percent finished, though they do give you (and Microsoft) an idea of how they'll work. All the work you do can be synced right to the cloud, making them accessible from almost anywhere, and across your army of devices.

Microsoft said it will share more information about the company's app plans for Android later this year. For now, you can become a tester by going here.