Microsoft on Monday unleashed a new Windows Phone campaign called "Meet Your Match," which aims to convince everyday users that the company's bright new mobile OS is a better alternative to iOS and Android. It's a little like this year's "Smoked by Windows Phone," only this time the focus is on specific tasks, such as taking pictures and shooting videos.

The series of videos show Ben the PC Guy explaining some of Windows Phone 8's most important features — Kid's Corner, Groups, etc. — and also specific features of devices like the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC Windows Phone 8X.

In one video, Ben compares the video capabilities of the Lumia 920, probably Windows Phone 8's biggest hope of reaching a mainstream audience, to that of a HTC Inspire — not entirely a fair fight, but it does an adequate job of explaining the Lumia's PureView tech. In another vid, Ben challenges an iPhone user to send out a message to her parents faster than he can, which Ben of course wins.

There's about ten videos in all, each with the same goal of explaining a Windows Phone 8 feature in the simplest way possible, and why it's better than an iPhone, Android or BlackBerry device. The campaign is certainly charming, but is it enough to attract attention to Microsoft new OS?

[via PocketNow, YouTube]