Microsoft today introduced a more affordable Surface Pro 3 option that packs an Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of internal storage. The device costs $1,299, which makes it exactly the same price as the Core i5 option with 256GB of storage.

With the new Core i7 option, you sacrifice some storage for more processing power. If you use intensive applications a lot, that could be well worth the trade-off, especially when you consider it’s easy to add storage through eternal drives and memory cards.

The processor, on the other hand, cannot be upgraded in the Surface Pro 3.

The Verge notes that the Surface Pro 3 is more than a year old now, so the new Core i7 option could well be the last before Microsoft announces a Surface Pro 4. That might be something to bear in mind before you invest in this particular generation.

Microsoft is also introducing LTE-enabled Surface Pro 3 options in Germany and the U.K. this week, two weeks after they made their debut in Japan. They’ll be available to businesses only initially, and they must be purchased from a carrier with an LTE plan.

The LTE options are also expected to arrive in the U.S. soon.