Microsoft Surface 2 Hands On - 29

Microsoft isn't giving up on its line of Surface devices. After enduring a nearly $1 billion hit on unsold inventory, the company introduced a revamped lineup last month. And according to Microsoft corporate vice president and creator of the Surface, Panos Panay, the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 are only the beginning—more are on the way.

When asked by GeekWire whether Microsoft would introduce a smaller form factor to the Surface ecosystem, Panay admitted the company is interested in "multiple aspect ratios and sizes." That's not an outright admission we'll see a Surface Mini, or some variation, but it's as close as we'll get without a formal announcement.

With Windows 8.1 bringing more flexibility to Microsoft's platform, the company now has more freedom to create different experiences. Mini tablets have been particularly popular lately because they offer better portability, big boy specs and more enticing price points; it would make sense for Microsoft to explore the market, though the company is likely focused more on its bigger devices before any other tablets are unveiled.

At launch, Microsoft's new Surface tablets will still cost a pretty penny, though the improved specs and evolving ecosystem are an attractive value. Whether the Redmond company's new focus will attract a significant userbase remains to be seen. Perhaps a Surface Mini will help to make that happen, if and when it ever hits.