We’re already deep into day two of Microsoft’s BUILD conference, and the company is keeping things light with a fun new website. How-Old will guess the age and gender of anyone based on a photo, though the results aren’t always accurate.

I played around with the site, located at how-old.net, on my phone for a few seconds. It’s super easy to snap a photo or upload one from your camera roll. You can also do a quick Bing search and see what comes up.

Unfortunately, the results aren’t very accurate. First, Microsoft guessed I was 31 (way too old). Then, at a different angle, it said 27 (closer but still a couple years off). Meanwhile, the site apparently suggested that my editor Todd is just 14 years old (he’s 30.) The site didn’t do much better guessing the ages of celebrities and movie characters, as you can see in the slideshow up top.

The point of How-Old is to show off some of the technology Microsoft is working on, even if it’s not totally perfected. We could see this same feature incorporated into future apps or even the HoloLens. But for now just enjoy the new site for the goofy distraction that it is.