Games on Windows Phone

Microsoft has been willing to embrace rival platforms with its own mobile applications in recent months, most notably with several releases for iOS such as My Xbox LIVE, Microsoft OneNote, Halo Waypoint, and more. However, this willingness may be about to end as the company focuses on luring you over to its platform with applications exclusive to Windows Phone.

WMPowerUser cites a "reliably [sic] tipster" that claims the Redmond-based company is working on mobile games that will be available on Windows Phone but not on any other mobile platform:

A reliably tipster has told us that Microsoft is trying to take on the smartphone competition the same way it did Sony with the Xbox – by creating a library of exclusive games which will be so good buyers will get a Windows Phone just to play them.

Some of these games are already in development, according to the tipster, and we can expect to see the first exclusive release with the next month. What these titles will be, however, is still a mystery, but the report suggests we may see Windows Phone ports of Halo and Gears of War.

I'm certainly looking forward to what Microsoft brings to the table — especially if it is indeed mobile versions of its popular Xbox 360 games. But I'm not sure a couple of exclusive titles will tempt many users away from the platform they love.

Do you think exclusive Microsoft titles will lure you over to Windows Phone?

[via The Next Web]