Microsoft - Live Event - Windows 8 Tablet - 007

Uh oh. First Intel said that Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system is too buggy to ship and now, it appears, the chip maker has its own issues. According to a report published by Bloomberg on Monday, Microsoft has not approved any of Intel's Clover Trail-powered tablets for shipment. Apparently Intel's power management software isn't yet up to Microsoft's standards and has been delayed. The software will help ensure that Windows 8 tablets consume the battery's juice efficiently.

It seems that both Microsoft and Intel are worried about the ability to compete with Apple's Mac computers. The two firms are clearly pointing fingers at one another. I'm currently running the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 as I type this, I really like the experience so far, and I'm excited for the touchscreen support that the new OS will offer. But if the final build really is buggy, or if the Intel-powered tablets can't offer good battery life, then both firms could see a botched launch.

"The PC channel is in chaos right now," said JMP Securities analyst Alex Gauna told Bloomberg. "They don't know what to do. They don't know what to design for, they don't know what the consumers are going to buy. Tablets have stolen their growth trajectory, plus the macro situation, plus Wintel has made a mess of their ecosystem."

[via Bloomberg]