Micorosft seems to be in the midst of doing a special thing for its oldest customers. We mean oldest in terms of length of stay, not pure age. Though, we assume these veterans are older than new players.

Microsoft has apparently sent out custom Xbox 360s with a free year of Xbox LIVE to LIVE Veterans. All Games Beta posted the gallery you see at the base of this article. In it is a letter that details the goods given away.

What does it mean to be an Xbox LIVE Veteran? Well, according to the letter in the gallery of images below, it means being a member of Xbox LIVE for 10 years. Considering Xbox LIVE is 10 years old tomorrow, that means being on the service since it launched on the one year anniversary of the original Xbox.

Has LIVE really been around for 10 years now? Wow. I can remember friends getting it in the early-goings and thinking it would simply pass. Boy, was I wrong? I'm a seven year veteran, so I don't see myself scoring a free console anytime soon.

Have any of you received this free machine from Microsoft?

[via All Games Beta]