Microsoft has announced a fix to the bug that exposed Windows users to possible attacks. Google controversially exposed the flaw and after ten days revealed it publicly. This didn’t sit well with Microsoft, but Google said hackers were actively exploiting the flaw and users deserved to be aware of the risks.

The bug is now fixed so Windows users can breathe a little easier. The attack was reportedly launched by Strontium, a group that has ties with Russia, which used vulnerabilities within Adobe Flash and Windows kernel to carry out the hack into user computers. This allowed hackers to do a number of things, including installing programs and deleting data.

Microsoft claims if users were to be attacked, it would automatically enable Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, therefore the attack would be minimized.

Google exposed the flaw because users were exposed

Still, it was dangerous on Microsoft’s part to wait nearly three weeks to patch the bug. They weren’t too happy with Google whistleblowing the bug for everyone, including possible hackers, to know. But it looks like the news spurred Microsoft to expedite the patch.

If you haven’t updated your Window’s machine with the latest security patches, you should do that as soon as possible.