Microsoft has rolled out new firmware updates for the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 that finally fixes a lingering sleep issue. The problem has been plaguing some users since back in February when it was introduced with another firmware release.

Some Surface adopters have suffered all kinds of problems with Microsoft’s new machines, including display glitches, and power management problems that caused the devices to drink too much juice while they were asleep.

Microsoft rolled out an update in February that was supposed to address these things and more, and although the company did fix the power management problem, it seems some Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 units now sleep too well.

Since installing the last update, users have found they that are unable to wake their device after it has been sleeping. The only workaround is to hold down the power button to force the machine to shutdown, then start it up again — which is a problem if you’ve left things unsaved.

Fortunately, Microsoft’s April update — which is rolling out now to Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 owners — brings yet more updates to a whole host of drivers, including one that should prevent this lingering sleep issue.

Microsoft has also made some improvements to the Intel HD Graphics 520 driver, which should prevent screens from flickering and “cases where the display does not reinitialize correctly after the device resumes from sleep or hibernation.”

Other improvements for the Surface Camera, Windows Hello, the Surface Dock, and NVIDIA GeForce GPUs are also included. Surface Pro 4 owners can also expect to see improved Wi-Fi strength when connecting to 5GHz networks.