Xbox One and Windows 10

Microsoft revealed yesterday during its Windows 10 briefing that Fable Legends will release for its new OS on the same day it drops for the Xbox One in 2015.

That bit of news you already know, more than likely. During the event recap on the official Xbox Wire, Microsoft indicated that Fable Legends is just the beginning for day-and-date Xbox One and Windows 10 titles.

Today we announced that we are bringing Fable Legends to Windows 10 PCs, day-and-date with the Xbox One version in 2015…This means Fable fans running Windows 10 will be able to play against their fellow gamers on Xbox One. It's the same game, in the same world, on the same map…

Fable Legends is just the first of the major game franchises from Microsoft Studios coming to Windows 10 and we will have more to share in the coming month.

What other major game franchises will we see in day-and-date form? That's obviously something we'll only be able to tell with time.

The fact that the Xbox Wire so readily indicates that Fable Legends is only the beginning is confirmation enough. I imagine we'll see Microsoft embrace the PC platform with this type of shared experience system a lot more at E3 this year.

Will they rally around Windows 10 as the gamer's choice operating system? It makes sense that they would given that the Xbox One and OS are produced by the same company. Why not push cross-platform play and streaming?