As expected, Microsoft announced a new plan to bring even more apps to Windows 10 at its BUILD conference on Thursday. But instead of simply adding support for Android and iOS applications, the company is taking a slightly more complicated route.

Basically, developers will be able to reuse their current code without too many changes. Moving forward, Windows 10 will support C++ code for Android and Objective C for iOS. That should make porting to Microsoft as simple as copy and pasting, though you'll also need to add-in support for some Windows-specific features like navigation and Cortana to take full advantage of the platform. Still, it should be a lot less work than the current system.

Microsoft also announced a way for websites to act like Windows apps on desktop. That should also make it easy for developers to take advantage of the Windows Store and everything else the company has to offer without writing a ton of new code first.

Hopefully this means Windows 10 will be able to offer plenty of apps right off the bat. It should definitely make it a lot easier for developers to port their apps over to Microsoft's platform without too much extra work, though it's still unclear if that will be enough to finally convince most companies to finally get onboard.