We've known that Microsoft was going to make Skype a major component of the Xbox One's feature list for a while now. The company spent a ton of money acquiring Skype, and they've made it a big tentpole in the Xbox One's strategy from almost day one.

The lengthy video at the head of this post serves as a tour of all the things you can do with the user interface on the Xbox One. I'll be completely blunt: until now, I've been heavily leaning towards the PlayStation 4 as my pre-launch machine of choice. This tour, and the addition of Skype, scored a ton of points for Microsoft and the Xbox One. The Skype stuff starts at around the 5:20 mark in the clip.

As an aside, notice the computer the Skype caller is using in the clip? Hilarious.

It sounds really, really cheesy, but I'm sticking in the vein of honesty to explain why Skype is making such an impression on me this morning. I'm a dad with a young son. His grandparents live a ways down south. Our friends live all over this country, and a few close ones are peppered throughout Japan. This massive video chat feature, complete with our big screen TV and the Kinect's ability to pan and scan sounds fantastic for our family.

Both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 are nearly upon us. I'm slowly getting really excited for both consoles. What are you looking forward to most from the consoles?