The digital store is no underrated tool. Just ask Apple and Google how much money they’ve made off third-party content over the years. But that same success hasn’t been enjoyed by Microsoft because of Windows Phone failing to ever gain traction. Now the Redmond-based company would like to scoop up some service-based revenue by targeting other platforms.

Microsoft is developing a Movies & TV Shows app for iOS and Android, according to Windows Central.

Even though it seems like a pretty straightforward task, Microsoft isn’t expected to have the Movies & TV app on other platforms anytime soon. The iOS and Android versions are in the middle of development. When they’re ready, you’ll see them on their respective digital stores.

Remember, this isn’t a subscription-style service that charges a monthly fee. Microsoft, like its competitors, sells episodes, seasons, and films as you need them.

The difference is that Microsoft’s Movies & TV app has been limited to Windows and Xbox. By bringing in iOS and Android, the company hopes more people will consider purchasing content from its digital store. The content would then sync between devices no matter the platform.

Another possibility is that the service joins Movies Anywhere. The initiative enables cross-service sharing so that content purchased from one digital store doesn’t need to be purchased again. That’d be helpful for anyone hesitant to leave behind their library and start over with Microsoft.

Truthfully, the appeal is pretty narrow. Microsoft already lost significant ground to its competitors, but at least this will benefit customers who’ve remained loyal.