Microsoft Surface Pro 2-Screen

Rumors that Microsoft could be developing a new Xbox reader app for Windows surfaced this weekend after a job listing was discovered on the company’s website. The post reveals the company is looking for a software development engineer to join the Music, Video, and Reading (MVR) team behind the Xbox Music and Xbox Video apps which run on Windows 8, Windows Phone and Xbox consoles. Microsoft’s new employee will work on a “groundbreaking interactive reading app” which supports books, magazines and comics.

Microsoft already offers a similar app called “Reader” for Windows 8, but The Verge claims to have confirmed that a new Xbox-branded reader is on the way. We’re guessing it will feature a redesigned UI and will hopefully sync across Microsoft’s desktop, mobile and gaming platforms. Following the news, enConnected pointed to a promotional video released by Microsoft last fall that may provide a peak at the new Xbox reader app. While the video largely focuses on Xbox Music, we also see Microsoft employees developing an Xbox-branded app that features magazine articles. If it launches, it may compete directly against apps such as Flipboard and Pulse.

There’s no official word on an Xbox reader app at this point, and considering Microsoft already has a similar program in place for Windows 8, there’s no rush to push out the new app. It’s possible we’ll see it released alongside Windows 8.1 Update 1 in the next few months, though it could also hit the Windows app store on its own at some point in the near future.