Windows 8.1 is set to launch tomorrow across the world, and in a blog post earlier today Microsoft detailed some of the new and improved apps coming to the updated operating system. New features covered in the post focus on content creation and editing, including a Movie Moments app for working with video.

When Windows 8.1 is released tomorrow, Microsoft customers will be greeted by two new apps in the updated Windows Store: Fresh Paint and Movie Moments. The video-focused app appears to let users easily edit home movies, adding music, captions and more. Meanwhile, an updated version of the Fresh Paint app will introduce new brushes, watercolors, graphite pencils, as well as new image filters, custom palettes, and a mysterious Inspire Me feature.

There's also an improved Camera app for Windows 8.1 that comes with a new panorama setting, and the ability to snap photos even while shooting video at the same time. There's even a new Photo Loop feature that takes a brings up a picture taken the second before you hit the shutter button.

We can't wait to see how Microsoft updated the entire Windows 8 experience. For now, you check out these videos below to learn more about Movie Moments and the updated Camera and Photo apps.