Microsoft has no plans to make a bid for Nook Media, a joint venture between Microsoft and Barnes & Noble, despite rumors to the contrary. According to industry insiders, the Redmond company hasn't made any official moves to take the floundering venture off the retailer's hands, and has no plans to do so going forward. The biggest and most obvious point of contention is the conflicting operating systems; Nook uses Android, while Microsoft touts Windows.

Following last week's rumor, Barnes & Noble shares jumped at the potential capture. Microsoft already owns a stake in Nook Media, and apparently toyed with the idea of making a $1 billion offer to buy the unit outright. Reports suggested Microsoft wanted full control over its failing investment. Overall, the Nook Media entity hasn't been a particularly huge success, especially with competition from Amazon and other big industry players around.

"The deal was nothing more than a rumor," a source told InsiderMonkey. The source said Microsoft can't confirm or deny the rumor for legal reasons, but the company has absolutely no intention of acquiring Nook Media. Apparently last week's report was rushed "with no fact-checking."