One of the biggest features of Windows 10 is Microsoft Edge, which is the Redmond company’s fresh and minimal new browser. And while we expected its growth to be a long process, it sounds like improving the browser will take even longer than Microsoft anticipated.

Microsoft on Thursday sent a statement to The Verge confirming extensions support won’t arrive until next year, which means the browser’s potential won’t be fully realized for another few months at the earliest.

“We’re committed to providing customers with a personalized web experience, which is why bringing extensions to Microsoft Edge continues to be a high priority,” Microsoft said. “We’re actively working to develop a secure extension model to make the safest and most reliable browser for our customers, and look forward to sharing more in a future Windows 10 update in 2016.”

Although major testing is still being done internally, the good news is Microsoft will make it easier for Chrome and Firefox developers to easily port their extensions over to Edge. Speaking of extensions, we recently did a video on Chrome extensions, so give that a watch if you want to see how they help extend the power of a browser.