When Cortana made its way from Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone over to iOS and Android, one key feature helped keep the Android version a bit more powerful than the iPhone iteration. Users had the ability to speak "Hey Cortana" to launch the voice assistant, an option that's also available on Windows. However, Microsoft recently decided to turn off that command.

VentureBeat first noticed the change and reached out to Microsoft, which explained that its voice assistant doesn't seem to be getting along well with Google Now. "We've received user feedback that the 'Hey Cortana' feature is conflicting with Android voice search and are temporarily disabling the feature while we evaluate a solution," Microsoft told VentureBeat. Android is usually pretty good at distinguishing between voice commands, and the "Hey Cortana" and "OK Google" commands are so vastly different than we don't understand how they'd conflict with one another. Perhaps it just wasn't as reliable as Microsoft had wanted.

The good news is that it's only "temporary," so it should return soon for folks who prefer to keep Cortana running across their PCs and smartphones. No word exactly when that will happen, however.